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Big thanks to Sir Jabir! His flexible classes fit right into my busy schedule. I really felt like he was just for me, and the paid internship boosted my confidence big time. Making my first sale felt awesome with everyone support.
Amazon training in dubai feedback
Naeem Abbas
Wasn't sure at first, but Sir Jabir's training totally changed my mind. Personal tips and trying things out in the real world made all the difference. Super thankful for the help until I made my first sale. You gotta try it!
Amazon training in dubai feedback
Sir Jabir's training was just what I needed. It worked with my crazy schedule, and the personal lessons made learning a breeze. The paid internship was a game changer, and getting to my first sale with the team’s support was the best feeling.
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See Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shopify Allowed in UAE?

Yes, Shopify is allowed in UAE and you can create and sell products in the GCC.

Yes, you need a license to sell on Shopify in UAE.

There are 2 types of license 

1: E-Commerce 
2: E-Trader

But if you will learn from us, then you don't need license you can use our resources to start selling on Shopify.

you can get an E-Trader License from DED in just 1300 to 1500 AED to start selling on Shopify.

But you can't get any visa on this license.

Yes, You can learn about Shopify from YouTube and by joining our free WhatsApp community. 

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Yes, you can easily create Shopify store as beginner and you don't need to learn coding like a developer.

There are 2 ways to get paid to Shopify. 

1: Using Payment Gateway.
2: Cash On Delivery.

To get payment on the store using the payment gateway you have to create account with stripe.

Yes, it's legal to do dropshipping in UAE but for that you have to register an E-Trader License from DED Cafe. 

When you get paid course you chances of success increased due to the community support and expert guidance. 

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